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24option offers a wide range of assets such as indices, commodities, currency pairs, and stocks where they can place where you can place your investments. With the help of the trading tools and other financial features, you have the opportunity to earn huge profits and get back more of than what you invested. In fact, a several traders have already taken home substantial amounts through this platform through proper capital management and more informed trading decisions.

This platform currently offers a variety of methods to trade binary options which also means that you have more flexibility to employ and use your trading strategy to make more profits. First is the High/Low options which is one of the most basic and also the most common method for trading binary options. If you want to trade the easy way then this is the best option for you to choose since all you will be trading based on whether the underlying asset’s value will be higher or lower than its present price after the expiry period. This is also the best option to choose if you’re just starting on binary options trading for more consistent profits and better returns from your investments. Above/Below options are somewhat similar to High/Low options but the difference is that you have to guess whether the underlying asset’s value will be above or below a specific price once the trade expires. It’s a little more risky than the former but if you’re able to make a good prediction then you can get a huge payout rate at 350%.

Touch/No Touch options is another method which lets you decide if an underlying asset’s price will reach or touch a price barrier after the expiry period hence the name touch. It doesn’t have to stay beyond the price barrier throughout the trading period. As long as it has touched the barrier then consider your options a successful one. This however offers a lower payout but with less risks since there’s no need for the asset’s value to stay above the price barrier. If you prefer a riskier version of Touch options then High Yield Touch options is for you. Do take note though that it is more difficult to reach asset prices with this method. High yields can range from 200% to 350% payouts since it is less expected for an asset to touch the barrier. Another interesting variation that is offered by 24option is the Boundary Options where 2 target prices form a boundary. With this type of trading method, you need to guess whether an asset’s finishing price at the expiration period will be inside or outside of the boundary. If your guess is correct then you get the same payout rates with Touch options. If you prefer a more complex version of Boundary options then High Yield Boundary options is for you. Here, the prices are even tougher to reach but payout rates are increased to 200%.

24option also offer a Buy Back option which gives you the opportunity to re-sell your contracts prior to the expiry period so you can reclaim a part of your initial investment. It is best to use this feature if you notice that trades are going the opposite direction. Using the Buy Back option, you will be able to lessen the damages incurred from your initial trade buy re-selling the options that you already purchased. As stated in 24option.com review, another interesting feature that you might want to checkout is the 60 Second options where trades only run for a span of 1 minute and huge profits are at stake. Using these features can help you improve your chances of getting better trades and lessen ant damages for trades that go out of the money.

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